Plasterwork restoration specialists


We have an in-house team of plasterwork specialists with an incredible knowledge of historical plasterwork

As plasterwork specialists we have an in-depth knowledge of not only decorative style throughout history but historical plaster-working techniques and materials. Restoring original plasterwork with care, our skilled craftsmen and plasterwork specialists then take impressions and replicate historical designs, making sure that the new and the old blend together undetectably.


We constantly consider the most effective way to revive and conserve ornamental plasterwork

Our restoration specialists sympathetically repair damaged ornamental plasterwork on site to preserve the fabric of the past where we are able, carefully taking samples to recreate in our workshop where needed. Using our extensive historic archives of images and plaster fragments, we can faithfully restore original patterns and plaster mouldings, bringing out all the original details.

“We greatly enjoyed working with Fine Art Mouldings on our multi award-winning redesign of BAFTA’s headquarters in Piccadilly, London. Their excellent restoration of the original 1883 rooflights’ plasterwork takes centre stage. It’s always special to work with real craftsmen and extra special when it’s a family business.”



If you require a plasterwork restoration specialist we can help.