Our independent family business has been crafting statement plasterwork and decorative plaster products for over 30 years


Family means a lot to us. When master craftsman Andrew Barry founded Fine Art Mouldings in 1989 to craft high-quality classic and contemporary decorative plaster products, he didn’t realise that his son Samuel would join him as our passionate and driven Managing Director. Our employees are part of the family too. Most of our employees have worked with us for 20 years or more, and many even went to school together; they have grown up, got married and had children of their own, and recruited more friends into the fold. It’s the way we like it, and makes our business more than just a workplace.

Andrew Barry and Samuel Barry

Our highly skilled team is our biggest asset

When people work together, there is no saying what they can achieve. Our in-house team of plaster experts include designers, artisans and sculptors, specialist project managers, techies and plasterwork installers, whose knowledge of outstanding-quality decorative plaster products is a constant inspiration. And even more importantly, they ensure our plaster artistry is passed on through our apprentice scheme, so the next generation can bring equally outstanding plasterwork into the world.


We are committed to investing in the next generation of plasterwork artisan skills

We belong to two government schemes to employ and mentor young people, teaching them traditional plasterwork techniques and securing the next generation of plasterwork skills. It’s a way to ensure we pass on our knowledge and experience, as well as welcome new blood in the company to keep an eye on the future. We want to keep our company small and specialised, where all our employees meet our high standards of excellence, and we can grow our own professionals. And leave outstanding plasterwork behind that will last and continue to inspire.


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From our extensive collection of ornaments to meticulous hand-crafted assembly, this bespoke design adorns the ceiling of our South Kensington project.
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One of the bespoke decorative ceilings for a private client in London.
44 1
A Portland Stone cornice for a private residence in London. Supplied and fitted onsite by Fine Art Mouldings.
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Our plasterwork at @bafta headquarters, London.
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Many a bespoke ceiling created for this project.
23 0
A peak of this new penthouse where we completed various mouldings including the central staircase…
48 2
Popped into @the_berkeley bar and terrace just only the other day for a drink and to remind myself of the lovely story our wall mural tells…
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Our moulds can be stretched to achieve the same mitre in each corner. It’s perfection and the way we like it at Fine Art Mouldings.
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Bespoke strapwork ceiling for @caviarkaspialondon , design created by @oitoemponto and made by @fineartmouldings
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A fluted wall feature.
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We care about the details.
35 2
A ceiling rose to finish this room.
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Earlier this year we won an award for our Fibrous and GRG ceiling at The Peninsula Hotel in London. It was a beautiful job and we are all very proud of the outcome. Our 3rd award in 3 years. Workshop manager David Wright and his son Ben went to collect it for us. The people we have working for us are our strongest asset and it sure proved it on this project. Thank you to all our operatives involved.
28 4
A second bespoke Art Deco ceiling in the penthouse. There will be a few more to come…
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A bespoke Art Deco ceiling in a penthouse we have nearly completed. From design to creation to fitting, Fine Art Mouldings are grateful to be involved.
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A bespoke ceiling at one of our private residence projects….
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Fixing an art deco niche for Claridge’s.
21 2
Vitruvian scroll detail on these segmental arches
20 1
Laying down a block cornice for a ballroom in London.
21 2
A bespoke sculpture of a wall dressing, hand sculpted in our studio.
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