Our process

We aim to make the way we work as collaborative and enjoyable as possible for our clients, resulting in plasterwork design that reflects their own personal style.

We manufacture statement plasterwork design of the highest quality

Our decorative plasterwork and custom plaster mouldings are made to the most exacting standards. Our workshop just outside London has over 4,000 square feet of manufacturing space, where we create custom plaster moulds, models and casts using high-specification materials. Bringing together cutting-edge technology and age-old hand-crafting techniques, our skilled artisans craft outstanding plasterwork designs.

We masterfully manage the plasterwork design process from initial design concept to installation

Control often gets bad press, but we’re big fans of it. We pride ourselves on our seamless project management, treating the progress of each bespoke plasterwork project with deft efficiency. From designing, budgeting and manufacturing to fitting and coordination of each plasterwork project, we are in total control. Everything is made, designed and managed in-house, ensuring an exemplary finish that mirrors our values.


If you require bespoke decorative plasterwork we would love to hear from you.

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