What makes a master plasterer?


Plastering is not for the faint-hearted or noncommittal. It’s not only physically demanding but takes mental application, knowledge, skill and focus to produce outstanding plasterwork. We sum up the qualities that we look for in a master plasterer at Fine Art Mouldings.


Patience is the essential tool

You need it in bucketloads. Scraping back three hundred years of paint and restoring historical plasterwork is a slow and intricate process. And crafting fibrous plastering and plaster moulds to create ornamental plasterwork takes a considered, careful approach by a master plasterer. Patience is something we understand well. Our work is all about how the end result looks. And no matter how well machines do a job, there is no replacement for the human eye. The most important thing, as we say at Fine Art Mouldings is detail, detail, detail.


Our master plasterers must have a real determination to do well

Every single plasterer at Fine Art Mouldings wants to do their best work on every job they do. After all, their work doesn’t just reflect on our company, but it is their own personal signature. Word travels in our industry, so taking care of your reputation is a great career move.

A master plasterer develops knowledge of not only plastering but building and construction. Understanding how plasterwork complements and reflects a building takes an in-depth knowledge of architecture and design as well as technical skill. Our plaster experts understand the different materials, techniques and ornamental plaster designs that have been used for hundreds of years.

Experience counts for everything in our industry. The difference between a newly qualified plasterer and one with 30 years’ experience is vast. But we always say that every single one of us learns something every day. Don’t ever think you know everything, however much experience you have. Ask how other plasterers would approach a task: you always learn something.


Openness to innovation

Like any business, we need to move with the times, as technology has become part of our daily working lives. We now model all our plaster designs on CAD files and cut our profiles with metal for mind-blowing accuracy. All our master plasterers have to be receptive to new advancements – and better finishes, more efficient ways of working and saving resources.

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