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64 Arding and Hobbs

At Fine Art Mouldings, we are proud to have played a significant role in the regeneration of the historic Arding and Hobbs building in London. This iconic old department store, rich with history and architectural grandeur, has been meticulously restored to its former glory. Our team of experts in custom plaster mouldings for historic homes and restoration plaster services for listed buildings were honored to be part of this prestigious project.

In addition to the dome ceiling, we restored the decorative barrel ceiling, a stunning element that adds to the building’s architectural charm. Artisanal plaster cornices and friezes were meticulously recreated to match the original designs, providing a seamless blend of old and new. The restoration of these elements required not only technical skill but also a deep appreciation for the building’s heritage.


Restoration of Historic Plaster Features

Throughout the Arding and Hobbs building, we restored various historic plasterwork elements, including ornate cornices and detailed friezes. Our team specialises in restoration of historic plaster features, ensuring that every element is faithfully reproduced and meticulously installed. This project highlighted our commitment to preserving architectural history while integrating contemporary techniques to achieve outstanding results.


The biggest challenge was creating and piecing together a uniquely shaped plaster book shelf, which our eagle-eyed cutters and fitters managed to overcome brilliantly. The job reminded us of how much you can push the boundaries of the capabilities of fibrous plaster, using hand-crafting plaster skills selectively backed by technology.

140 Arding and Hobbs